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A Treatise of Human Metanoia

Deified is composed of a unique mix of musicians all adding something different to their sound. 

Alex: Trying to sing like Zeus at the top of Mt. Olympus, but sounds like a deflating rejected Valentine's Day balloon.  Only the future will tell how his mortal body will hold.  1% arrogance, 99% hot gas. 


Dave aka Antorok: Patient, spontaneous, charming…these are just some words that have never been used to describe him. An alias created in World of Warcraft, which rather than accept the realization that so much precious time was wasted on a video game, is now a persona to which will be manifested into a reality of music for epic adventures.

Steve: Found deep in a cave off the shore of Greenland, frozen for thousands of years, global warming thawed out this Viking still firmly grasping pillaging clubs with which he now uses to do blast beats instead of destroying villages.

Maxx: Imagine Alolan Exeggutor but taller and wearing a Fleshgod Apocalypse jacket, but also playing sweet licks on a 6-string bass.  Caught using only a diveball on land with full HP.

Mickey: Even with gloves for hands and only 8 fingers, this classically-trained pianist will play melodies that tickle your lovebox and rhythms that garnish your nightmares.  WARNING: don't feed after 9:00 am or expose to air.

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