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North Hollywood, CA

Progressive Death Metal

Alexander Wolfgang Siegfried - Vocals/guitar

Dave "Antorok" Abalos - Guitar/backing vocals

Mickey Myhan - Synths

Steve Anderson - Drums

Maxx Richmond - Bass

DEIFIED is currently in the studio working on their debut album.  The album is a blend of death metal, operatic symphonies, and pop-level production to make a sound similar to a Rick Rubin-produced Strapping Young Lad and John Williams collaboration

  The five-piece formed in 2019 has played venues throughout Southern California including the historic Viper Room and industrial 1720 Warehouse.  In May of 2019, DEIFIED released a three-track EP under their own SOLAR HALO RECORDS.  In September of the same year, DEIFIED was forever enhanced by the addition of classically-trained pianist, Mickey Myhan. Mickey adds depth to the heaviness of their sound, while also bringing a full storm of technical playing and layering to all of the songs. 

Swing Art.jpg
Swing Art.jpg
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